Follow your gut feeling
With the naviBelt you can feel paths and directions.

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The feelSpace naviBelt:

Experience a new feeling of space!

Normally, we rely mostly on our eyes and ears. Starting today, rely on your gut feeling!

The vibrating feelSpace naviBelt makes routes and directions tangible. Experience a completely new sense of space!

Just put on the naviBelt enter a destination using your smartphone, and feel where to go. According to the motto: “Always follow your gut feeling”.

The operation of the belt is barrier-free and was specifically designed for visually impaired and blind people to facilitate orientation in their environment.

The possible applications of the feelSpace naviBelt are versatile. Do not miss this new dimension of orientation!

360 degree coverage

16 vibration motors ensure highly accurate navigation.

simple operation

Operate the app and naviBelt intuitively, according to the “PlugandPlay” principle.

tactile guidance

Feel your way – while having a conversation or eagerly exploring the city.

How the naviBelt works

It can be so easy to find the right path: the feelSpace naviBelt makes routes and directions tactilely perceptible. Put on the naviBelt, use your smartphone to enter a destination and feel where to go. Focus your attention on other things. Hands, eyes, and ears remain free. No matter where you are, you can stay on top of things.

  • Handling the naviBelt is barrier-free.
  • The naviBelt can connect over Bluetooth to an Android or iPhone.
  • We have been researching the naviBelt and its predecessors for 10 years.


Elastic materials ensure utmost comfort while wearing the belt.

battery life

The naviBelt will not let you down while you are out and about: the battery life lasts at least 8 hours!


Follow the navigation carefree. You will hardly notice the belt’s weight.

How you can use the naviBelt

routing feature

Would you like to reach a destination quickly and safely? Select the routing feature. The naviBelt will then directly guide the way to your destination.

beeline feature

Would like to simply know the general direction of your destination, in order to explore your surroundings on your own and to train your directional thinking? Then select the beeline feature. The naviBelt will then constantly signal towards your destination.

compass feature

Would you like to train your sense of direction and spatial understanding even more effectively? Then select the compass feature. The naviBelt will then constantly signal to the north. This feature is in-built and independent from a smartphone.



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