10 years of research and development

From Sensory Research to the Product

Since 2005, we from the neurobiopsychological workgroup of the University of Osnabrueck have asked ourselves some interesting questions: Can people learn a new ‘sense’? And if so, how can you prove that? How does it feel to experience this new faculty? What happens in the brain when this new sense is active?

The project group "feelSpace" was launched and a "vibrating compass belt" was built as an "artificial sensory organ", continuously indicating north to its wearer. The subjects were excited by the experience of walking northbound for a few weeks, and the results were very striking. The first project was followed by a second, then a third and so on ... it soon became clear that the belt is not only applicable in research but is also truly useful in everyday life. Meanwhile, the compass belt has been developed into a high-quality navigation solution.

Silke Kärcher


Jessika Schwandt

technical director

Susan Wache

marketing management

Dr. Julia Wache

sales management

Dr. David Meignan

software engineering


We already have a long history under our naviBelt®

Already during the numerous scientific studies concerning the belt, we were fascinated by the idea of what can be achieved in everyday life. In 2013 a decision was made: we are going to develop the first tactile navigation device in the world! We want to give people on the go the eyes and ears for this beautiful landscape, to give visually impaired people a bit of freedom and independence, to offer travelers security and orientation.

The rest is history: in July 2015, Silke Kärcher, Jessika Schwandt and Susan Wache received an EXIST start-up scholarship, a funding program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. In November 2015 feelSpace Ltd. was founded. In 2016 we were admitted to the ESA BIC Darmstadt and sponsored. At the beginning of 2017, the Provinz Umwelt GmbH with Johannes Busmann joined us as an investor - a stroke of luck for the young company that learns a lot from its entrepreneurial experience!


More than 10 years of living R&D


More than 50,000 working hours to feelSpace!


Countless days in boot camp



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