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Help for the app

The feelSpace app was designed to be used together with the feelSpace naviBelt. With this app you can connect to the feelSpace naviBelt via Bluetooth and have the direction from your current location to a desired destination displayed graphically and through vibration around your waist. The naviBelt has 16 tactile units and thus allows intuitive signalling of directions around the body axis. This makes paths and directions tangible. Experience a new sense of space! The app is specially designed for people who are outdoors. Care has been taken to ensure that even blind people can use the app without any problems.

At the very bottom of this help section you will find the e-mail addresses to send us feedback or submit a support request.

Before you start

  • Switch on the following services:
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS
    • Internet
  • Switch on the naviBelt using the on/off button. A vibration signal will travel twice around the body and then you will feel the ready signal: a recurring simple vibration pulse.
  • Click on „connect naviBelt“ which you find in the settings. The very first time you connect, it will be necessary to press the Favourite button on the naviBelt for about 5 seconds. The belt will then be in pairing mode, which is signalled by the belt using recurring vibration pulses. Your belt will then be found and displayed by your iPhone. Select your naviBelt and connect to it.
  • For future connection establishment it is sufficient to press „connect naviBelt“ in the app.

Connecting the naviBelt

  • Click on „connect naviGürtel®“ which you find in the settings. The belt is connected when you feel a recurring double vibration pulse in the belt or the app gives you the corresponding feedback.

Zoom at the current location

  • At the top right of the screen is a button that allows you to quickly zoom in on your current location. When VoiceOver mode is enabled on your iPhone, your current location is read aloud.

Enter a destination

  • By clicking on destination in the tabulator area. Select one of the following options:
    • define a destination using an address
    • list of favorites
    • last destinations
    • define a destination using coordinates
  • By clicking on the map
    • Select any destination by touching and holding a location on the map. The ability to click on the map is disabled in VoiceOver mode.
  • When the destination is set, a red pin marker appears on the map as well as a navigation panel with buttons („Cross“: delete destination or „Square“: end navigation, „Play“: start navigation or „Pause“: pause navigation, „Speaker“: activate/deactivate audio announcement, „3-point“: Details of the destination/route guidance) and information (coordinates or address of the destination, distance to the destination, GPS accuracy, route information when navigation has started).

Choose a navigation mode

  • After selecting the destination, click on the „3-dots“ icon in the navigation panel at the bottom. This will take you to the details of the destination of the directions. You can choose between the following navigation modes via a button
    • Beeline: A continuous vibration shows you the direction to the destination. Note, this mode does not show the direction to follow, but the direct line to the destination. You must find a route and avoid obstacles yourself.
    • Beeline+: A continuous vibration shows you the direction to your destination. Note: The continuous signal announces the direction where your destination is. It is not a route indication. In turn-by-turn situations, a pulsating signal indicates the direction in which you should go next.
    • Turn-by-Turn: In this mode, the belt is mostly silent. At turn-by-turn situations a pulsating signal announces the direction in which to go next.
    • Routing+: A continuous vibration shows you the direction in which you should go. At turn-by-turn situations, a pulsating signal announces the direction in which to go next.

Save a favorite

  • save current location as favorite
    • There are two buttons at the top right in the map view. The lower one shows a star with a plus. If you click on it, you have the possibility to save your location as a favourite.
  • save current destination as favorite
    • Click on the button „3-dots“ in the navigation panel in the map view. In the next window „destination details“ you can add the current destination as a favourite.
  • Favorites are marked as stars on the map. These can be clicked on to get more information and to edit them. Note, this interaction function is deactivated in VoiceOver mode.
  • Saved favorites are displayed in the favorites list. Access the favorites through destination in the tabulator area. You can access the favorites list via „Destination“ in the tabulator area.
  • Favorites can be edited if you select them.
  • You can label favorites with the tags „Home“ and „Work“. These are then displayed at the top of the list of favorites.


You have the following options within the settings:

  • Ajust the vibation strength
    • Click adjust vibration strength by using the slider
  • Switch on/off the signal for the compass inaccuracy warning
    • The warning signal can be switched on or off permanently or temporarily for the compass and navigation mode
  • Ajust the navigation signal. Choose from the following options
    • Continuous vibration (default)
    • Fast repetition of short vibration pulses
    • Slow repetition of short vibration pulses
    • Fast repetition of long vibration pulses
    • Slow repetition of long vibration pulses
  • Switch on/off automatic re-routing
    • An automatic route recalculation can be switched on or off. An automatic route recalculation happens if you have moved 50m away from the suggested path.
  • Switch on/off the direction notification
    • In VoiceOver mode, when you click on a location or destination, the direction towards it is briefly signalled through a vibration. You can switch this function on or off.


  • Siri-shortcut: In the tabulator area you can set a Siri shortcut within the „Settings“. With this you can start a navigation to a destination using a voice command.
  • at the following locations alternate actions are available in VoiceOver mode:
    • within the navigation panel for the button „3-dots“/“destination details“
    • in the list of search results
    • in the list of recent destinations
    • in the list of favorites


Please note the Disclaimer

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We are pleased that you have downloaded the feelSpace App. We wish you a lot of fun trying it out.

We would be pleased about your feedback. Please contact us via the following e-mail address:

If this help is not enough for you and you have a question about using the app and the naviBelt, please send us an email to the following address: We will be happy to help you further.

You are now perfectly equipped to get to know your surroundings in a new way with the naviBelt and experience the new sense of direction on your own body.