Legal Disclaimer

feelSpace – Experience a new sense of space!

Thank you for installing the feelSpace app. Together with the feelSpace naviBelt, you are perfectly equipped to get to know your environment in an unprecedented way!

Before going ahead, please read the following disclaimer. As soon as you have accepted it, you may proceed.


The feelSpace application is designed to be used together with the feelSpace naviBelt. It allows you to select any geographic target and indicates the direction from your current location to the selected destination graphically, on your smartphone screen, and tactilely, with vibrations via the naviBelt. The application is intended for outdoor use by pedestrians. Directions are communicated by the naviBelt tactilely and intuitively. Using tactile directions should help the user focus his/her eyes and attention on his/her surrounding environment rather than on a smartphone.Depending on your needs, you can choose between navigation modes in the app to either discplay the beeline or routes.

No guarantee can be given for the accuracy and correctness of the GPS data, location and destination information displayed in the feelSpace app. feelSpace can never replace good travel, orientation, or mobility skills, rather providing additional information to help the user apply these skills. Obstacles are not indicated by this application. Road conditions, traffic regulations and road signs should always take precedence.

This app can also be used by blind people using the iPhone’s VoiceOver feature. The use of the app should be practised with a mobility rehabilitation instructor or another experienced person before the feelSpace app and/or the naviBelt are used in road traffic. However, its use in conjunction with the feelSpace naviBelt does not replace a cane or a guide dog. Obstacles and potential hazards are not indicated by this application. The user must use his/her own senses and discretion.

GPS data, internet and Bluetooth are required to use the application’s full range of features. Their continuous use can greatly reduce the battery life of your smartphone. feelSpace GmbH cannot guarantee that these services are always available. For long trips, a powerbank is recommended.

By continuing, you declare that you have read this disclaimer, accept it and use the feelSpace application and naviBelt at your own risk. This text and the terms of use can be found at and in the application under Settings > Information.


This application’s full range of features can only be used together with the feelSpace naviBelt. If you would like to purchase a naviBelt, please contact us or write us