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Dezember 2018:

Silke Kärcher (CEO of feelSpace) talks in an interview with VC-Magazin about the compatibility of motherhood and leading a startup.

November 2018:

Our CEO Silke Kärcher gives an interview to about live with a startup.

October 2018:

The online magazin Home & Smart features an extended report about feelSpace and how our belt can be used.

August 2018:

This article from Berlin’s Fashion Week speaks about feelSpace and further wearables, that can guide you.

May 2017:

Our head of sales Julia Wache recently graduated from the EIT doctorate program. To learn about the program and her story check out this interview.

Youtuber Erdin Ciplak, who is visually impaired, visited our stand at the SightCity. explains, why optical illusions confuse our mind and how we can augment our senses.

April 2017:

Für-Grü reported about our founding story.

July 2016:

An interview with the feelSpace founders as part of the presentation of EXIST-Successes.

May 2016:

feelSpace was selected from 90 applicants as one of the 8 finalists of the NordWestAward 2016: The Best in the Northwest.

March 2016:

Mayor Griesert visited us at our CeBIT-stand and tested the feelSpace belt. writes about the feelSpace naviBelt as part of the healthcare market of the future.

Computerbild counts the feelSpace naviBelt to one of the„Gadgets of the Future“.

Intelligente Welt reports on the naviBelt as an aid for barrier-free, self-determined mobility.

February 2016:

The naviBelt was exhibited at the exhibition „Museum of the future“ in Dubai.

Oktober 2015:

feelSpace got the first place at the Falling Walls preliminary in Bremen: “Inklusion reißt Mauern ein”.

March 2015:

Resonance to our CeBIT appearance and the feelSpace navigation belt: Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung: “1703 Galery Highlights of the Cebit”, Gründerszene:“These are the most innovative gadgets of CeBIT”, Die WELT:”These are the most innovative gadgets of CeBIT”, WIRED Germany: “Go Go Gadgets / CeBIT five times at your fingertips”.


Oktober 2018:

In this RTL show we presented the naviGürtel® in 100 seconds. See for yourself whether we could convince the audience and take the 5000€ with us to Osnabrück.

September 2018:

Reporter Felix Seibert-Daiker was on the lookout for the secret of the Wearables, therefore he visited us here in Osnabrück.

March 2018:

RTL Nord reporter Suana Boeck visited us at the trade fair “Altenpflege 2018” and gave her orientation directly into our hands.

February 2018:

Sat 1 Regional Hannover reported about our naviGürtel® and interviewed Ralf Bartelmus, our first blind user.

March 2016:

Professor Peter König was a guest on SWR television in the program “Sag die Wahrheit”. He didn’t invent the rescue hose, but the secret about him was finally revealed.

Oktober 2014: about our participation at the Osnabrücker “innovate!Awards 2014”.

April 2014:

The ARD program “Kopfball” reported about our belt in the episode “Magnetsinn im Kopf”.

February 2014:

Our belt showed its potential as a sixth sense in the WDR program “Quarks und Co” with the title “Wie uns Technik verändert”.

June 2013:

You could also see our belt in the documentary series “Through the Wormhole” in the episode “How do aliens think?”.

July 2012:

The ZDF and the knowledge magazine “Xenius” on arte informed about the scientific research.

NDR-DAS! reported about the belt in the report: “Der sechste Sinn”.


January 2018:

In this article of the NOZ you can learn more about how our naviBelt helps blind people in their everyday life.

December 2017:

The NOZ reports about our victory of the founder’s prize “Durchstarter” for successful entrepreneurship in Lower Saxony.

July 2016:

The Tagesspiegel reports about the award ceremony of Science4Life.

About the Science4Life award ceremony. We’ve participated successfully and took sixth place.

“Barrieren überwinden” – an article of the newspaper “Welt” containing an interview about the feelSpace belt.

“Crowdfunding für Osnabrücker StartUp feelSpace” – an article of the NOZ which calls attention to our Indiegogo-Campagne.

May 2016:

We introduced ourselves at the Prototypeparty” in the Innovation Center Osnabrück (ICO)” and got the audience price.

March 2016:

Article of the NOZ-Wirtschaft: “GPS in the belt helps blind people”.

February 2016:

ti! Technologie-Information reports about the feelSpace belt: „Orientation with sensation – the belt navigates“.

October 2015:

Article „wertvolle Erfahrung“ (S.6): Osnabrück-Magazine “Stadtblatt”.

September 2015:

Visos 3/2015: „The feelSpace-navigationsbelt: an inconspicuous life simpler“

March 2015:

The magazine “Gehirn und Geist” about „the feeling of north“.

P.M. Magazin 4/2015 “Die verborgenen Kräfte unserer Sinne. Was sie alles leisten – und wie wir sie trainieren können” (S. 19/20)


April 2018:

Deutschlandfunk reporter Piotr Heller interviewed us at SightCity 2018.

September 2015:

Ohrfunk show: “ZEITZONE” – the “Ohrfunkmagazin”

osradio – Application deadline for innovate! award is running.

April 2015:

Radio 1 (Berlin) – “Zwei auf Eins – Sinne”.

Dezember 2014

CBC Radio – “feelSpace” in the technology radio show “Spark”.

Oktober 2014:

NDRInfo Wissenschaft – “Does the human also have a magnetic sense?” in the show “Logo – Das Wissenschaftsmagazin”.