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Experience a completely new sense of space while navigating through the obstacle course

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Company outing? School fair? Couching? Our innovative event game fosters team spirit and cohesion. The feelSpace Game is versatile, delighting adults and children alike. It will fit into your event seamlessly. It’s played in teams consisting of two players each; in groups, the teams are determined randomly. The runner is blindfolded and gets the belt strapped on, control is in the navigator’s hands - and directs the runner through an obstacle course to a goal. To reach the goal, the partners must engage with each other. Winning requires “blind” trust, cooperation, and some skills!

Strengthening teams

Strengthen your team spirit with the naviGame. The parkours can only be mastered by working together.

Everybody's in

The naviGame is barrier-free. Everybody participates and contributes to the success.

Build trust

Everyone must be able to rely on one another. Mutual trust is essential for the naviGame and hence is trained through the game.



Our team will supply you with all the materials you need for your event.


After a short setup you are ready to go! Your individual course is just a few steps away.


The team partner takes over the navigation and guides the player through the course. The player will be blindfolded!

Watch out!

Stay within the course and let yourself be guided by your gut feeling! Definitely unique, certainly unforgettable!

Simple to set up

All components of the naviGame are easily put together and taken apart. You can start in no time.

Experience technology

The naviGame lets you get to know our technology in a playful way.

Quickly explained

The game is explained quickly. Just a short introduction and you're ready to start.

The naviBelt for different occasions


Guide and be guided, that is what the feelSpace game is all about. This means getting to the goal together as quickly as possible. For that, leading and letting yourself be led are vital. Great leaders concentrate and guide patiently, giving their team the appropriate amount of freedom. However, great leaders should also know what it’s like on other side: being guided. What does it really mean to blindly rely on someone in order to achieve a common goal? Experience it yourself. Arrange a coaching session with us.

Indoor playgrounds

Children need physical activity that appeals to all of their senses. Many games call for fast running or pushing your limits climbing. The feelSpace game offers a more pleasant contrast: it’s all about relaxing and looking within yourself. Since the game requires a completely different skill set, it is also suitable for children who tend to be left out of other games. This game requires absolute cooperation, as well as unconditional collaboration between the players in each team, in order to reach the goal. This allows players to develop completely new skills.


A unique experience for children - blindfolded, looking within themselves and following the vibrating signal. This trains their perception, establishes confidence in their partner, and, most impressively, illustrates to them how far you can go with teamwork and fair play. Everyone can join - inclusion is a top priority for us. Give kids the chance to rediscover themselves! Get in touch with us!



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