Innovative Research
The naviBelt can be used for a diverse number of research projects.

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Innovative Research

The naviBelt is used successfully in many research facilities, including Sensory Augmentation, Virtual Reality, in addition to attention and memory research.

The feelSpace navigation belt was developed through a research project itself: at the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrück, we have investigated what happens when people are provided with continuous directional information about magnetic north over a longer period of time. Does a sense of north develope, like in migratory birds? In order to investigate this question, the research team developed a tactile compass belt, which indicates the direction of north through vibrating signals. In this compass belt, vibrating elements are embedded all around the waist and the most northern element is active. If you turn in a circle, the signal moves around the waist. Thus, those wearing the belt are always informed of their relative orientation to magnetic north. The feelSpace naviBelt can have substantial benefits: As a scientific institution, you receive a comprehensive API and support by including the naviBelt in your individual research project.

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extension of the senses

The feelSpace belt expands your senses by projecting north onto your waist. Since 2005, we have conducted several studies testing whether and how subjects could integrate the belt’s signals into their perception and behavior. The participants wore the belt for 7 weeks, from morning to night, and trained with it. Tests conducted before, during, and after this period indicated changes in navigation behaviors, perception, and subjective feeling. By the end of the students it was clear: almost every participant had developed a new kind of spatial perception through the belt. The following testimony of a participant sums it up well:

“Somehow, a sense develops that extends to more distant places: Seeing and hearing only convey information about what is nearby/present, but the belt additionally conveys things beyond the range of seeing & hearing.”

The most important results are summarized in the following articles: Nagel et al. 2005, Kaspar et al. 2014, König et al. 2016.

for visually impaired

The feelSpace naviBelt extends the senses with a sense of direction. An additional sense is particularly needed by those who have limited use of one of their other senses. That is why we have focused on blind and visually impaired people. In one case study, a participant wore the belt for 7 weeks from morning until night - the results were very positive. The belt (which only had the compass feature at this time) immediately helped with orienting himself in familiar and unfamiliar surroundings. After several weeks, the signal became so natural, that our participant hardly needed to use any cognitive resources in order to incorporate the information. The participant could solve calculation problems and have a lively discussion - and stayed oriented anyway! He felt safer on the go, enjoyed to try out new routes (e.g. walking diagonally across a field) and found his own unique uses of the belt (e.g. used it to mow his lawn and find his way around better in the winter in deep snow). He especially emphasized an increased sense of security. The results of this study are summarized in the following article: Kärcher et al., 2012. Further tests and surveys with blind and visually impaired people demonstrate how useful the naviBelt® is for everyday life..

virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has become an integral part of science. “Immersion” is the magic word - to what extent do you really feel integrated into the virtual world? How real do virtual experiences feel? We already tested the naviBelt with 3D graphics on PC during its earlier stages, and since then, successfully with Occulus Rift and Samsung Gear too. Many of those who have worn the belt through a virtual world felt better oriented and could find their way around more easily in the virtual space. The vibrations around the waist make the virtual reality even more tangible, allowing it to be perceived through another sense, in addition to seeing and hearing. The ideas for potential applications are diverse: i could be used in serious games (e.g. to prepare surgeons for operations) but also for games meant simply for entertainment (e.g. to stay oriented and navigate as quickly as possible through a virtual world or to indicate from which direction something moves in the game). The naviBelt is flexible as a 360° tactile display and can be easily integrated into the virtual space via Bluetooth. Do you have any other ideas? Are your researching virtual reality? Are you developing cutting edge software for the future? The naviBelt makes your research even more immersive.


The concept of the naviBelt was developed through 10 years of research, making the belt perfect for future research.


We know that research requires reliable equipment. Our naviBelt is optimized accordingly.


The naviGürtel® can indicate any direction, activate several vibromotors at the same time, and produce different signal strengths and types.



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