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The naviBelt for on the go

To get to exactly where you want to go, good orientation is a must. Smartphones offer many opportunities to stay oriented on the go. That being said, it can be bothersome to constantly have to look at a screen. When it’s particularly sunny, it is difficult to read off of the display, and when it rains, it is difficult to use the touchscreen. Now imagine putting your smartphone in your pocket and still having all the information you need to reach your destination. With the naviBelt, take in breathtaking scenery or have a stimulating conversation and still navigate effortlessly.

360 degree coverage

16 vibration motors ensure highly accurate navigation.

simple operation

Operate the app and naviBelt intuitively, according to the “PlugandPlay” principle.


Feel your way around – while having a conversation or eagerly exploring the city.


The naviBelt for your activity

For world travelers

Put your map away and leave your smartphone on your pocket - stroll through picturesque cities and breathtaking nature. If you like to travel to unfamiliar places, you must already know what it’s like to get lost. Where is my hotel? How do I get out of this forest? Where did I park my car?

Now you can just be guided by your gut feeling. Wandering around, rotating maps, and comparing street names will all become a thing of the past. Arrive relaxed and in a great mood, exactly where you want to go - the naviBelt makes it all possible.

For cyclists

Whether you’re an amateur athlete or weekend cyclist - everyone has gotten frustrated with their navigation system while riding their bike. In the sunlight, the display is hardly visible, and in the rain, the touchscreen doesn’t work as well. If you put your navigation system on speaker, a quacking voice will break the tranquility. And even if you use headphones, you can be left unaware of cars coming from behind.

From now on, your hands stay where they belong while cycling: on the handlebars. And your eyes: exploring your surroundings. With the naviBelt, you’ll always know where you’re going. The direction is signaled on the abdomen, intuitively, in the direction that you need to face. You won’t have to stop to look at a map or your smartphone.

For the visually impaired

Finding your way and orienting yourself is a different challenge for different people. The naviBelt is handicapped accessible and easy to understand. A quiet companion, it can be integrated seamlessly into your everyday life. Keep yourself oriented on the go and reach your destination independently. Research has shown that the naviBelt saves attentional resources as well as lightens the burden on your ears - all while improving orientation. The naviBelt was developed in part through research in collaboration with with blind and visually impaired people and is regularly adapted to their needs. The naviBelt can serve as a great assistant for the everyday life of the blind and visually impaired. Even for those who work supporting blind and visually impaired people, e.g. mobility or rehabilitation teachers, there are numerous applications for the naviBelt


Connect your smartphone to the naviBelt via Bluetooth.

select your destination

Enter your destination in the naviApp.

and you’re ready to go!

Follow the navigation to your destination.

How you can use the naviBelt

routing feature

Would you like to reach a destination quickly and safely? Then select the routing feature. The naviBelt will then guide you to your destination as quickly as possible.

beeline feature

Would like to simply know the general direction of your destination, in order to explore your surroundings on your own and to train your directional thinking? Then select the beeline feature. The naviBelt will then constantly signal towards your destination.

compass feature

Would you like to train your sense of direction and spatial understanding even more effectively? Then select the compass feature. The naviBelt will then constantly signal to the north.



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Delivery completed

... you can start right away. Connect the belt to your mobile devices and PC via the provided API!


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